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posted: 12/2/2012 4:22 AM

Obama in role of proactive leadership?

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Obama in role of proactive leadership?

If the posture of our State Department is any indication of how our people in Benghazi were treated and protected, no wonder we lost four American heroes. The stonewalling, guarded and sanitized speech offered when State speaks about the current Hamas-Israeli brought this out in a recent discussion of Turkey's calling Israel the "aggressor" when truth be told the thugs of Hamas, the same who dragged a body of an alleged spy through their streets behind a motorcycle, began this conflict out of nowhere.

Israel retaliated. No surprise there. What's surprising that our politically correct and effete State Department didn't possess the public courage to challenge Turkey's statement ... at least not until an AP report pressed the issue until Ms. New "somebody" gave the answer, only to be followed by a more complete answer today. Maybe this is leadership from behind. Test the waters first, then if it appears safe to say, State will say it.

It wasn't safe for Hilary to blow the whistle on Obama weeks before Election Day. Bill want her to. She backed down for political reasons. In fact, everything in Washington is being done only for political reasons. Maybe this is why I'm addicted to World War II documentaries ... when rational, thinking women and men made tough decisions, took responsibility for those decisions and let the chips fall. That's proactive leadership.

It remains to be seen whether Obama might finally see this as his role, now that the prospect for re-election is removed. Thank God for FDR's tenure that limited our leaders of the free world to two terms.

Paul O. Bischoff


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