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posted: 12/2/2012 5:00 AM

Obama too concerned about appearances?

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I'm thinking about the parents and other family members of the four Americans killed in Benghazi. I can only imagine their frustration as they watch elected officials and talking heads on TV going over and over "who called it a terrorist attack and when" or "who changed the talking points." They don't care, they only want to know who denied help before and during the attack.

Someone, somewhere, on more then one occasion had to have said "no" to the repeated requests for more security.

The CIA, State Department, FBI, Pentagon and White House all continue to point fingers as the media talks and talks about mobs and illicit affairs involving generals. There is one group left out of the discussion, one of the most powerful groups over the last couple of years: President Obama's re-election team. Does anyone really think any major policy, announcement or talking point hasn't been run by this group before public release?

The worst-case scenario is that Team Obama saw references to certain terrorist groups in the early requests for additional security. After five days of "bin Laden is dead and terrorists are on their heels" at their convention, the last thing they wanted to do is draw attention or resources to this area or subject.

If this attitude prevailed all the way up to and through the attack on Sept. 11 then we have a much bigger problem than who changed the talking points. We have a situation where appearances and how they reflected on the re-election efforts outweighed the security of American citizens. The families of these people deserve the truth; unfortunately, they stand little chance of ever getting it from this administration. Once again the word "shameful" can be used when discussing our current leadership.

Marc Thomsen

Elk Grove Village

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