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posted: 12/2/2012 5:00 AM

Don't just complain, get involved

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The society that Mr. Falk fears is a fantasy ("We're on a course to ruination," Nov. 24). His letter includes assertions that are so distorted as to be absurd. One can easily hear him say, "The sky is falling!"

He provides no details for any of his exaggerations. For example: Exactly how will the government require everyone to join a union? Is there a such bill before any legislative body? Will it be a state or federal law? Who will enforce it? On another point he makes, who has declared the traditional family obsolete? I read no news story announcing this cultural shift, nor has my pastor mentioned this during any of his sermons. Maybe Mr. Falk should attend a high-school football game and see that the traditional family is thriving.

There is not enough space to address his remaining unfounded claims, so I ask, "What special information or secret documents does Mr. Falk posses that we do not?"

He declares that this upcoming society is one in which he wants no part. The glib response is: "Canada is that way, drive fast and don't use your brakes until you reach the border." But it is better to ask, "What did you do to prevent your perceived societal Armageddon?" Did you merely vote? More importantly, did you volunteer to help any candidates? Did you knock on doors? Did you man any phone banks? Stuff envelopes? Or did you just sit in front of the television and commiserate with Karl Rove and Bill O'Reilly?

My heartfelt suggestion to those of us who were disappointed election night is to participate. Run for office. Work for a candidate who reflects your beliefs and concerns. No political campaign ever had too many volunteers. Remember, merely casting one's vote is no longer enough. Get involved!

Bill Pohnan


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