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posted: 11/29/2012 4:39 AM

Reject 'anti-Jihad' messages on buses

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Reject 'anti-Jihad' messages on buses

One of the beauties of living in America is freedom of speech. Our forefathers protected free speech to benefit the nation. Anti-Islam personalities like Pamela Geller, however, use free speech to promote freedom of hatred.

With her recently launched "anti-Jihad" ads on CTA buses, Geller clearly discriminates against the entire population of Muslims. She unfairly generalizes all Muslims as being savages and inferior to Jews. This freedom of hatred will harm and divide the United States.

If the KKK, Black Panthers, or other hate groups promoted such slogans like Geller's, would there not be uproar? Therefore, I implore my fellow Americans to reject this hate speech as well, and keep our nation united and strong.

Zakaria Malik


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