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posted: 11/29/2012 5:00 AM

It's your move, elected officials

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This morning I read George Will's article that for the most part speculated that the election was lost by the Republican Party because of a changing demographics. I would like to present another view on the reason for the thumping. This was an election based on values, and it is these values that generated the enthusiasm and empower people to get involved.

When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United, people took notice. Common people started to see that large PACs were going to try to influence and in some cases buy this election. Middle class Joes and Jans said enough, and got involved.

The citizens have seen political leaders posture and obstruct efforts to address the problems we face as a country. The leaders of our political parties have held us hostage rather than address the situations that have weakened the economy. The issues are great and much work needs to be done including addressing the problems facing pension reform, waste and fraud in government spending, including the entitlement programs and the defense budget. We need reform of the tax code and enforced regulations for banks and investors. We need to address immigration, which is causing many hardships, not only for the immigrants but also the citizens with the health and education needs of the illegal immigrant population.

These are all values issues we must address, no matter if we are white, black, Hispanic or Asian. We can no longer accept excuses or posturing -- we must demand action. The people have spoken, and it's time for our elected officials to get to work solving issues and end the politics of division. The majority are not looking for a handout but rather a level playing field on which to work for a better life.

Paul Markowski


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