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posted: 11/28/2012 4:39 AM

Here's some real pension reform

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Here's some real pension reform

How cute of Gov. Quinn and condescending of him to compare the teachers as a snake, as a means of winning the backing of the people of this state in regard to his desire for cuts to Illinois' teachers and other state workers.

The symbolism here tells it all. Appealing to the lowest level of intelligence calling for cutting "Squeezy the Pension Python." I would like to ask the governor, who overfed the pension python by neglecting to meet their fiscal responsibilities for the past three decades?

This call by the governor especially in regard to cutting pensions for those who are retired, or changing the game for those that put in 10, 20 or 30 years in the system seems wrong at every level.

If you want to reform, ask those in the system to contribute more and stop demonizing the entire profession. Meet your fiscal responsibilities every year. We are asking educators to do more these days than ever before. Many fantastic people that have been difference-makers in the lives of others are leaving the profession. It may take about five years, but the effect will not be pleasant. This state has nearly 49 percent low income students in our public schools. Teachers teach what the bus drops off and gladly.

In many instances, they teach in place of the parent. You cannot legislate qualitative parenting, governor. We need those exceptional and motivating teachers to accomplish more than giving a test. As for the many critics who complain about the teachers, be careful for what you wish for, and at least try the profession if it's so great. As for you Gov. Quinn, you and Squeezy can slither down the propaganda trail. As a teacher, I am all for putting Squeezy on a diet, but let's make sure everyone is eating less.

Andy Isaacson

Villa Park

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