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posted: 11/17/2012 5:00 AM

Remember the definition of public service

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President Obama, sir, with all due respect, the government does not display any fiscal responsibility. I should not be affected by your proposed tax increases because we are not fortunate to make enough money to be subject. However, I am not for the government having a bigger pool of funds from which to misappropriate.

In my humble opinion, and based on what I learned about our country through my education, public service is just that. Based on what I can tell, it is now an extremely lucrative career path, and in that, certain greed has taken hold. Why doesn't anyone acknowledge this?

At this country's inception, public servants were compensated very little, and those people served because it was their inclination and privilege to serve. They also worked real jobs that benefitted the economy and the country's growth and success. It is a horrible injustice that this is no longer true. It has eroded this country and everything good for once it stood.

Mr. President, you are a man with young children, although yours will be blessed with a lifetime of privilege, simply because of your position now. I beg that you please consider this. Our country will be far better served if public servants receive no more privilege than the people they govern, who are becoming increasingly hopeless.

Personally, I must concede that I simply have no choices anymore. Where is the choice in a two-party system? Figuratively speaking, I am David facing Goliath, and my slingshot has been confiscated. I am doomed, and I view freedom as an illusion.

It isn't fair, and no matter how much we are taxed, it won't help if that money is squandered.

David Numerowski

Lake Zurich

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