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posted: 11/15/2012 5:00 AM

Too many handouts given to immigrants

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My definition of an immigrant is the one all my grandparents represented. They came to this country to be Americans and not hyphenated Americans. They came here to work, not receive welfare. Their children all spoke English because that is the language of our country, and they spoke it in their homes so they would speak clearer English and their children would be able to go to school and learn without any language assistance.

Money for education went to education. Therefore, there never were bilingual classes as they were not needed and taxes for schools did not include those costs or the cost for free meals. They never lost or forgot their cultures as a result of being Americans, but they came here for a better life and showed America the respect of learning its language.

Also, if the big-box stores would not put up signs in anything but English that would help immigrants learn our country's language. But, instead, they have become enablers.

When my husband and I retired we knew our income would cover our expenses until we died. I'm not so sure of that anymore with the way taxes are increasing, expenses keep rising and we, as part of the middle class, are expected to take care of more and more people. Maybe it's time for immigration to go back to what it used to be -- in order to come here you have to have a job and a sponsor. No more welfare of any kind for immigrants. We have enough Americans in need of our help, and charity should begin at home. And maybe we should also quit giving aid to countries that don't like us anyway. Our economy could certainly use those billions (or is it trillions?) of dollars we give them.

Janet Lumm


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