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posted: 11/10/2012 5:00 AM

Prepare for even bigger expenses

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I'm sitting here this morning drinking coffee and shaking my head. I just don't understand the thinking of some of our voters. Illinois is in fiscal free fall mainly because the state has been run by Democrats for years. And what do the voters do? Put more Democrats in Springfield. What are you thinking? And electing a congressman who's probably going to jail. I just don't get it.

All you seniors who voted for President Obama, you've been duped! Obamacare is going to put a big dent into Medicare. When Mitt Romney said Obamacare was going to steal from Medicare to pay for Obamacare, he was telling the truth. There are predictions of fewer doctors and nurses once Obamacare takes full effect because of those cuts. For all of you getting health insurance through your employer, don't be surprised when they tell you later this year that starting in 2014 they will not be providing health coverage anymore. Starting in 2014 it'll be cheaper to pay the Obamacare fine than it will be to provide you with coverage. Or, the company will demote you to part-time status, or people will loose their jobs altogether.

You didn't believe it when some where saying Obamacare was designed to eventually put everyone under the government plan. Well, now you'll get to experience it. There are big changes coming, folks. Obamacare will tax everyone, and expect big changes in energy costs when new EPA regulations take effect. Obama said he wanted to shut down the coal industry. Guess where most of our energy comes from? All the free stuff that's promised is going to cost you. Like the saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

Al Haak


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