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posted: 11/9/2012 4:25 AM

Thoughts on what sent wrong for GOP

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Thoughts on what sent wrong for GOP

Everybody is analyzing why and how the Republicans got creamed in the recent elections. Here is my take.

1. Latinos. Nobody is going to vote to deport a family member. It's that simple. I also believe that they think that building the border fence is racist and has nothing to do with national security.

2. Blacks. What has the party of Lincoln done for me lately? Well over 90 percent say nothing.

3. Gays and lesbians. They don't want to be pushed back in to the closet. There has got to be a way to disagree with gay marriage without sounding like homophobes.

4. Women. Legitimate rape? You have some morons in the party. Find a way to tell women that you believe that life begins at conception but that abortion is the law and that you will respect her decision.

5. Taxes. About half the people in this country pay no federal income tax, so cutting taxes means nothing to them. Also, these folks aren't rich so "Tax the rich" is very appealing.

6. The deficit. I believe that most people really don't care how much the country or state owes. We all have our own troubles to worry about. People will care when the government stops working, not before.

7. Obamacare. More people think that they are better off with it than without it and wanting to repeal it makes you look like a spoiled child holding its breath to get their way. Romney needed to present his plan to the people.

John Malec


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