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posted: 11/8/2012 5:00 AM

Early voting muddles the ID issue

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I took the opportunity to vote early. I was surprised that I needed to show a valid ID at the time of voting, especially after all of the uproar about potential discrimination and voter suppression surrounding this matter.

Then I read in my Daily Herald this morning that "Democrats are trying to get the word out this week: You don't need a photo ID card to vote in Illinois on Election Day. An exception: You are required to show an ID for early voting because it's not done in your local precinct." How is an election judge in my local precinct on Election Day going to know that I am who I say I am am (without showing ID) any better than the election judge who had to check my ID when I voted early at the village hall?

Although I did not feel discriminated against or suppressed, I'm wondering if I was discriminated against by having to show ID because I decided to vote early? Or, conversely, how is it not discrimination or voter suppression to prohibit someone without ID if they wanted to vote early? Just asking. Maybe someone representing those who are "trying to get the word out" might be able to help answer my questions.

Don Mountz


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