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posted: 11/8/2012 4:28 AM

GOP sidetracked by abortion issue

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GOP sidetracked by abortion issue

The bid by Republicans to win a majority voting bloc in the U.S. Senate was seriously curtailed when abortion became an issue. The Republican Party must recognize that many of us who are Republicans are so because we do not want government intrusion into any aspects of our lives.

Voters did not defeat Republican senatorial candidates Mourdock and Akin because these candidates believe life begins at inception. They defeated these and other candidates because they are afraid these beliefs would be codified in law if they were elected.

Less government intrusion in our lives also includes personal choices we as adults make for ourselves. Candidates who believe strongly that life begins at conception should and ought to declare their beliefs proudly. But they must make it clear abortion in this country is settled law. Until they do so, they will lose at the poles.

Andy Olson

Villa Park

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