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posted: 11/7/2012 5:00 AM

How can anyone know the will of God?

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This is in response to Carol Uhlarik's letter of Oct. 24 regarding the killing of innocents. I remind her that a tablespoon of protoplasm is not a child. It may be a potential child, but it is not a child. Also, God is beyond human imagination and fathoming, including our current imagery of God as an old man, a young man and a bird. Theologians and scientists have never been able to pinpoint the time that God chooses to bestow a soul upon new lives.

I would also take issue with the dismissal of all the health services provided by Planned Parenthood as unnecessary and unwanted. Their most prominent and important service is the dissemination of information and providing the necessities for preventing untimely, unwanted and unhealthy pregnancies. but many of the self-righteous would cut off their noses to spite their faces.

It amazes me that the people who claim to be so protective of life would reject women and their health issues as nonexistent, unimportant and dispensable. They are willing to sacrifice women's lives and the lives of their health providers for their own selfish and self-righteous beliefs.

Well, you can play God, and you can believe you have a direct transmittal of God's will, but you are not God, nor do you have an exclusive private line for the determination of the will of God.

Berna K. Gingras


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