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posted: 11/2/2012 4:49 AM

Prediction: Romney with 51 percent

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Prediction: Romney with 51 percent

The Obama administration never thought it'd be this close this close to Election Day. Arrogance, poor first debate planning and smug liberalism will do that to you.

Throughout the campaign, the pink elephant in the middle of the room has been the role reversal between incumbent and challenger. Obama has resorted to name-calling and snidisms. Lack of a record will do that to you.

Romney on the other is the only candidate with objective proposals that make any sense for our dysfunctional economy. Romney should be poking holes in Obama's record; but there's nothing to poke. That's why Obama is poking at a record Romney had in Massachusetts; for it is the only record to discuss in this run up to the presidency.

Unless you want to talk about the cover-up over Benghazi, AK-47's to Mexican terrorists, or zigging on Obamacare when he should have zagged on the economy from the start.

The Osama-Obama ordeal, possibly the only thing the president can flaunt, hasn't yet indicated any material damage to terrorism as the Libyan fiasco bears witness.

Romney 51 percent, Obama 49 percent in the popular vote followed by something about an obsolete Electoral College.

Paul O. Bischoff


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