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posted: 11/2/2012 4:00 AM

Ultrasound is proof of a life in womb

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Not surprisingly, the Daily Herald has been inundated with letters to the editor both praising and decrying the editorial board's endorsement of Mitt Romney for president. People can debate the candidates' positions on the economy, taxes, foreign relations and the like. However, some of the negative responses the Herald has received cited social issues such as abortion rights as a measure of disapproval. I realize there are many people who view abortion as an individual's personal choice, but as a man who only just days ago saw my child's face in an ultrasound, there is absolutely no debate with the fact that a human being is developing in my wife's womb right now.

How anyone, no matter their political affiliation, could see what I saw and support a procedure which ends that life is beyond my comprehension. This race for president has been a divisive one, and we can have legitimate arguments on issues of economics and the like, but any candidate that supports the end of a child's life in the womb should never be entrusted with any other freedom we enjoy. For life is the first and foremost gift we have been given and to dismiss such a fundamental and basic right is to forfeit all others.

Steve Howard


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