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posted: 11/2/2012 5:00 AM

On technical factors, Romney won debates

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This 2012 election had some major pros and cons for both President Obama and Gov. Romney.

During the first debate our class was assigned for homework to watch for nonverbal faults pertaining to each candidate. The two major problems for President Obama was eye contact and fillers. When Gov. Romney was speaking, President Obama would constantly look at the ground or not look at Gov. Romney. He also had a lot of fillers which are, "umm", "ahhh" or anything else having to do with trailing off.

Gov. Romney did not, in my opinion, have any issues. It seemed that he had a flawless debate and I even re-watched the entire debate to make sure I did not miss any flaws, nevertheless he had none.

President Obama did have a few things going right for him, but not enough. He did speak loud and clear. He also did have a few good points, but they were verbal, so that does not count.

As I said before, in my opinion Gov. Romney did an excellent job so kudos to him. If they were to have an election immediately after the debate, I figure Gov. Romney would win.

Tommy Buckley

Lake Zurich

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