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posted: 11/2/2012 5:00 AM

Obama plan will never work

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I read the fence post article by Ginny Applegren where she says that Mitt Romney "doesn't love America" because Bain outsourced jobs to China. Something tells me that she may be just a little hypocritical.

Do you own a TV? A computer? How about a cellphone? Do you own any foreign cars? I suspect you do. Guess what? You must not love America, either.

Consumers buy foreign made goods. They love Walmart. They just have to have a TV in every room and then a storage locker to put all that junk in later. They are the Chinese job creators.

What if Americans took some personal responsibility for a change and let's be honest with ourselves. If you think Obama's plan to create jobs by strengthening the middle class is going to work, then I'd ask you to think about this: Does the middle class really create jobs? Really? How?

Obama would say that they buy things and this will drive the economy. His plan isn't working and it never will.

Mark Schwartz


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