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posted: 11/2/2012 5:00 AM

Don't accept the lunacy of candidates

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I have always thought of Indiana as a Third World country -- a la Richard Mourdock -- but now I have come to recognize Missouri as an equal partner, via the idiocy of Todd Akin there.

The idea that Americans would accept the garbage these candidates for the U.S. Senate spew in their campaign rhetoric is disturbing to people who are able to exercise their brains. Indeed, the very people who can least afford to accept the hostility and lunacy of these candidates and still vote for them is frightening. Who are they depending on to protect their citizenry, and their rights under the American Constitution? Surely, not these "job creators"!

Ultimately, however, it is not only a test of acceptance of the positions of the candidates. It is a contest of two parties, two philosophies, two profound conceptions of doctrine: Shall we embrace the concept of enhancing the controls of the managers of the commerce of the nation or should we be more aligned with protecting the very lives of those managed? I think our founders -- and I agree with them -- would have chosen the latter, as I would not intend to tell a women what she must do with her body, nor would I try to find a way to eliminate Medicare or Social Security, both of them, the bane of the upper bracket wannabe's.

Think of it: Shall we try to spend $2 trillion dollars more on the military -- which the military hasn't said they needed -- and at the same time, reduce the tax on the upper 1 percent income earners?

Does this make sense? I can't see it.

Frank Sears

Buffalo Grove

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