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posted: 11/2/2012 5:00 AM

Romney builds campaign on lies

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The top of your Editorial/Opinion page states "Our Aim: To fear God, tell the truth and make money."

Having read this aim for many years, it was with great disappointment that I read your endorsement of Willard Romney. This man is running for President and does not seem capable of telling the truth, nor demanding it from his campaign or his surrogates.

Just based on his truthfulness alone, I don't understand how you can possible endorse him for president. Last week, he stood at a campaign rally in Defiance, Ohio, and stated he had read that Jeep was looking to ship all the jobs at the Jeep facilities in Ohio to China. This was an out and out lie by Willard Romney, completely debunked by Jeep and Chrysler that very day, and just part of a long list of lies and distortions by this candidate.

Now his campaign is running radio and television ads in Ohio again stating this lie about Jeep. His campaign is also running other ads in Ohio, stating he, Romney, has a plan to help the auto industry. I believe the help for the auto industry has already been provided by President Obama and the federal government, despite Willard Romney's advice in 2008 to "Let Detroit go Bankrupt."

And both Chrysler and GM have affirmed that this industry is on its feet because of the help of the federal government. And just like his other plans to bring back jobs, etc., no specifics are given.

Willard Romney during the GOP Primary called for sending FEMA back to the states and privatizing disaster help, and now in the aftermath of the destruction of Hurricane Sandy all over the East Coast, he will not answer any questions from reporters about that statement.

This man seems completely void of integrity, truthfulness or the courage to stand up to members of his party for their lies, language and their total disrespect, not only for President Obama, but the office of the president itself, and for the voting public.

Kathleen Hemler

Mount Prospect

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