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posted: 11/1/2012 4:02 AM

SuperPAC story was misleading

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SuperPAC story was misleading

I read with genuine interest Sunday, Oct. 21 front page article by Kerry Lester, "In 8th race, SuperPACs think outside the box." I found the article to be informative, persuasive, and remarkably misleading.

The author claims that CREDO SuperPAC is "based in the district" when in fact they have simply opened a field office in our district -- they are based in San Francisco -- a fact verified through numerous online sources. Painting the picture that CREDO is a homegrown product couldn't be further from the truth.

The author goes on to state that this group "aggregates small donations from thousands of donors" while even the group's own website clearly indicates that they are an activist for-profit company that has made millions reselling services for credit cards and mobile phones.

They charge a percent for "donations" and claim to have raised 70 million dollars since their beginning. The author attempts to raise CREDO SuperPAC above other SuperPACs, but she does so with half-truths and misdirection. The simple truth is that voters in the 8th district would be more capable of electing representation that reflects our values without any SuperPAC involvement.

Did the author fail to do the most basic research on this organization or was she consciously misleading to further an intended purpose?

Michael Richard


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