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posted: 10/31/2012 4:42 AM

Liked logic behind Romney selection

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Liked logic behind Romney selection

I honestly feel the Herald is the only non-biased newspaper in the city. I was very pleased with your endorsement of Mitt Romney but even more so your logic for your selection. You gave plus and minus for both candidates before making your choice.

At the same time I do find most reporting by the media biased. For example, I was surprised at the lack of reporting done regarding Donald Trump's challenge a few days ago. Did I think it was grandstanding by Trump? Of course and it was easy to see it was going to go nowhere but at the same time I thought it deserved coverage by the press (like Al Capone's safe, finding Amelia Earhart, and rising the Titanic). Unfortunately, other than a few negative comments no one even acknowledged it. Whether you agreed with what was being asked/suggested or not, it deserved a mention (e.g. $5 million is still $5 million).

The other obvious truth about the reporting that bugged me was and was actually mentioned a few days later to prove my point had Romney been told the charity of his choice would get $5 million for the release of his tax returns it would make front page news. Yet while both men are within their rights to not divulge the documentation being demanded, I certainly see a double standard in how Trump's challenge is being reported and viewed. Yes, much of the press agreed Romney had no legal responsibility to release his returns but many also said it left a cloud over his wealth and he should release them but no one made the same argument or suggestion regarding the president's right to hold office.

This country is being divided as it has never been divided since the Civil War.

Lawrence (Larry) Eichman


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