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posted: 10/31/2012 4:42 AM

Can't believe you've fallen for Romney

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Can't believe you've fallen for Romney

The Romney/Ryan campaign has been the most blatantly dishonest campaign in American history. He had one set of beliefs to get nominated and another since.

We do not know what, if anything, he actually believes, except to help the wealthy and that will trickle down. That does not work. I understand their lies fooling regular people -- and he may win -- but he shouldn't be fooling journalists.

And, no, there is no doubt about whose fault the terrible partisanship is -- again, this crass political ploy has been as blatant as ever in history. Opposing things that were originally Republican ideas, fighting the continuing of payroll tax cuts even though it goes against the pledge they all signed ... they've even said it.

It's a basic Republican strategy to lie. That once the lie is out there it is always there. No down side. And people are stupid enough to believe anything (radical preacher and Muslim).

The only cuts we know Romney would make -- to afford the cuts for the wealthy and the corporations -- are to PBS and Planned Parenthood ... and probably anything else that only helps poor people (who won't vote Republican anyway).

I can't believe you've fallen for this. It used to be that presidents and journalists would be expected to be smarter than most ... but the Bush years and the Internet have ended that.

David Greb


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