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posted: 10/31/2012 4:15 AM

Obama did reach out to Republicans

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Obama did reach out to Republicans

On every point, you are wrong to endorse Mitt Romney. First you say Republicans in Congress "contributed mightily" to polarization in Washington, but you place more blame on President Obama. This is not only wishy-washy, like Romney himself, it's factually wrong.

President Obama tried from day one to work with Republicans. He asked for their input on all major legislation, including health reform. Instead they offered nothing. They gave nothing. They became the infamous "Party of No." Republican Mitch McConnell said their top priority was not the country, but to defeat Barack Obama. Mr. Obama moved forward with health reform only in the face of total republican intransigence. Polarization was not Obama's fault. It was and remains totally the republican party's fault.

You blame the president for not tackling the economy sooner, and at the same time you say it's mainly the job of private business to increase jobs. Again, more flip-flop from the Herald.

Mr. Obama tried to work with the extreme Republicans but could get nowhere. They opposed the stimulus even when it saved our auto industry. They refused every jobs bill he proposed, and they offered no compromises in return.

You claim the president makes "insinuations" that the rich guys refuse to pay their fair share. In fact he does no such thing. He repeatedly talks about how many wealthy Americans are willing to go back to the tax code of the 1990s, when they did pay a little more.

You quote the ultra right-wing Heartland Institute about the fluidity of the middle-class, and you say the president's support of this middle-class is your breaking point with him. This is right out of the Republican talking points playbook about class warfare. We know what the middle class is. There is no confusion about it from those of us who are in it.

E.R. Ray

Glendale Heights

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