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posted: 10/31/2012 10:43 AM

Endorsement left out much

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In today's news coverage it is increasingly difficult to discern whether what is said is the truth or fiction or a combination of both. Your endorsement of Mitt Romney left out much in the coverage of both candidates.

You criticize Obama for being focused only on health care but failed to give him credit for what he accomplished in rescuing the United States from a possible bankruptcy.

You criticize him for not doing enough to create jobs but then state that jobs are a creation of business and not government.

You criticize him for not working with the Republicans whose stated purpose was to ensure his defeat in 2012 and blame him for not compromising with the opposition.

Yes, Barack Obama promised us hope in 2008 and he failed us on that promise.

You praise Romney as governor of Massachusetts working with a legislature of the opposite party. But there was no mention that a vast majority of passed legislation was by overriding his veto.

No mention was made of his increasing taxes on the middle class and lowering them on the wealthy. There is also no mention that Obamacare was patterned after Romneycare. He thought it was good for the people of Massachusetts but not for the rest of the nation.

Yes, Mitt Romney has been "successful in all walks of life" and it seems that he is the main person that has benefited. You suggest that a president can effect gasoline prices, high unemployment, and insure that college students can find jobs in their field. Explain how.

You state that Romney is offering "a politics of hope, of working together for the common good." Wasn't that promised four years ago? You haven't given me any reason why I should expect anything different today from either candidate.

Larry Zak

Lake Villa

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