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posted: 10/27/2012 5:00 AM

Moral issues must be decided first

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In response to Cynthia Kehoe (Fence Post, Oct. 6), I too am a college-educated woman and certainly had a different take on Mitt Romney's "47 percent" statement. The 47 percent number in his statement represents those who were never going to vote for him no matter what he did or said. So as any good businessman would do, rather than throw his money to the wind, he put his efforts during this election where they would make the biggest difference -- toward those who were still undecided.

Once elected Mr. Romney's conviction is to create jobs and grow the economy so that 100 percent might prosper. He is the type of smart, compassionate leader we need.

As for dragging women back to the 18th century, if she means not supporting a health care plan that forces taxpayers to pay for other women's birth control or believes that an unborn child has just as much right to life as the woman who gave that baby life, then Mitt isn't frightening at all. He is a man of character.

In Niall McShane's letter of the same day, he states that the policies that Paul Ryan and the Republican Party support are antithetical to Catholic social teaching. I disagree. The Republican platform supports issues that the Catholic faith identifies as nonnegotiable moral issues: respect for human life in all its forms, respect for conscience and freedom of religion and respect for the nature of marriage as between a man and a woman.

Only after these critical issues are met can we start to discuss the issues of fiscal and financial policy, education and health care. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have set the moral compass on the right path from which the rest of the journey can begin.

Susan Gorden

Elk Grove Village

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