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posted: 10/26/2012 4:40 AM

Embarrassed about Walsh's hypocrisy

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Recently I had the opportunity to hear both Congressman Joe Walsh and Tammy Duckworth being interviewed on television. During that interview, Congressman Walsh went on and on about money coming from outside the state to help fund Lt. Col. Duckworth's campaign. Days later I began to see ads supporting Walsh on TV from a SuperPAC, New Prosperity Foundation. Imagine my surprise when I learned that much of the funding for this SuperPAC comes from Missouri and Texas. Talk about hypocrisy! But then hypocrisy is not a stranger to Walsh.

Like most Tea Party candidates, Walsh ran on Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, but once he made it to Washington, he and his Republican compatriots have spent a majority of their time working on ways to limit a woman's right to make her own health care decision and almost no time on bills that would create jobs.

At his campaign rallies, Walsh makes a big show of recognizing the veterans in the crowd, but in Washington he has repeatedly voted against veterans' benefits. He talks about how much he loves this country but then, with the other Tea Party Republicans, risks the country going bankrupt in order to protect tax cuts for millionaires and oil companies. When he comes home, he defends the banks who caused the Great Recession and attacks any constituent who dares to ask him a question he doesn't like.

I'm tired of Walsh's hypocrisy. I am tired of being represented by a man who is an embarrassment to our district, our state and our country. It's time for us to have a person in Congress who listens to the people instead of attacking them; who cares about all people not just the rich and powerful; who will make us proud not embarrassed. It's time for Tammy Duckworth to be our Representative in Congress.

Janice Quisenberry


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