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posted: 10/23/2012 4:52 AM

Time to throw out GOP rascals

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Time to throw out GOP rascals

As I see it President Obama won by a landslide in 2008. He had a program of hope, but inherited a severe economic recession from the Bush administration -- failure to regulate irresponsible mortgages and engaging in wars without provision to pay for them.

The president in a spirit of debt limitation and compromise adopted a very inadequate stimulus package which even so the Republicans opposed. The president extended health care to 14 million heretofore uncovered Americans adapting reforms of prior-condition limitations and young adult family members' eligibility, closing the donut hole, etc. Not one Republican voted for it.

President Obama sought the common good at every turn, but Congressional Republicans like Sen. Mitch McConnell sabotaged the president determined to deprive him of any credit for economic recovery. They unfortunately won a majority in 2010 in the House. This scotched his jobs program altogether and made sure the economy would stagnate offering no jobs or foreclosure solutions of their own and, embracing the Tea Party people, nearly shut down the government and lowered its bond ratings.

For two years there's been a do nothing/nothing doing Republican stranglehold. They've undermined the national interest. Loyalty to their party and their pay masters was and is more important to them than their duty to our country.

It's time to throw the rascals out.

Marion J. Reis


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