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posted: 10/21/2012 5:00 AM

Civility must be part of campaign

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After this week's presidential debate and what I've seen in the ads so far, I'm not sure either one of the candidates is qualified, or deserving, to be president of the United States. I do not understand why there needs to be such harsh treatment of each other, calling each other liars and yelling at each other. Why can't they acknowledge that both candidates are honorable men who will do the best they can if elected?

They may not ever agree on one strategy, but each has some good and bad ideas on what the country needs. Sure, President Obama has not kept all his promises, and I doubt that Mitt Romney would either, but they both will try. He sure did not get a good hand when he started either. And maybe Romney's Bain Capital experience isn't looked upon positively by everyone, his shareholders might disagree, and he was working for them. He was successful, plus he did do some positive things as governor.

Both of them have repeatedly put their foot in their mouth, but so what, I do it all the time and often have to say sorry. This goes for every candidate running for every office. Let's try to treat each other with respect and civility. What concerns me most is that if all these elected guys don't get their act together our country will end up like Illinois!

Joe Celosky

Hoffman Estates

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