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posted: 10/21/2012 5:00 AM

An 'A in creativity, death and taxes

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It is amazing that there are people in America who, Hamlet-like, cannot decide, until after the debate points are tallied, whether this country needs rescuing.

Fence-sitters, are you better off now than you were four years ago?

For myself, I earned $7,000 more in 2008 than I did last year. Yet in 2008 I paid $1,500 less in taxes; my house was worth $60,000 more. Filling up the car cost around $25. It costs twice that today. At the supermarket nowadays, not bothering to look at steaks, I head right down to the ground beef. Milk and fruit, I have to have; hope and change, in the next aisle, have both passed their expiration date.

The America which heaved Hoover Dam out of the Colorado River's banks is today content to let wind turbines coax electricity into its homes' outlets. Hope has fled Obama's audacious mouth, and now cowers behind Romney.

"It's the economy -- right?" says Mitt, echoing a Clintonian mantra.

"No!" intones Obama. "It's gay family values; it's the war on women. What economy? You mean Bush's?"

Four years ago, nearly a million more Americans were working than have jobs today. In the four years of his administration, Obama has spent $5 trillion more than was allotted in his budgets. When asked what his grade ought to be, for his fiscal performance, Obama opines: "Incomplete."

The abortion issue was "above" his pay grade, and the economic ones, apparently, are beyond his grasp. Foreign policy? Anyone with a weak spine can bow.

Obama, though, gets an A in creativity, death and taxes, it is said, are inevitable. But it took a genius like Obama to make death though taxes a real possibility.

Am I better off? I'd say so -- better off dead than seeing this guy get re-elected.

Alexander Lee

West Chicago

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