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posted: 10/20/2012 4:40 AM

Put a lid on property taxes

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Kudos to Linda Sobieski of Elburn for writing "Stop raising my taxes, Kane County." which published Oct. 9.

Linda said exactly what I and many others in Kane County have felt for years. When I read about the board's plan to increase in our property tax bills I was simply floored. Our board is so far out of touch with reality it is scary, especially in light of today's economy.

Our family moved here from California in 2001. Since 2002 we have seen a $4,262.80 increase in our property taxes, which is more than my entire property tax bill was in California. Between last year and this year our taxes increased another $504.12.

We should be seeing a decrease in our taxes instead of an increase. I took a quick look at the breakdown in our taxes. The majority of it goes to pensions and funds with the bulk going to our school and the assorted wish list from our board. It is time for a moratorium on all of this including the pensions and the school districts. There is simply no room anymore for all of this.

When I tell people what I pay in property taxes there is always a gasp ... and I'm from California.

I would appreciate an article from the Herald on the continual rise in property taxes and how people are being hit and how they are reacting. Maybe it would be a wake-up call that we are fed up.

It is time people start speaking up. We have to live within our budgets so the county and all that reap the benefits of our tax dollars should, too. Stop dipping into our pockets because they simply are not that deep.

Those on the board need to be put on notice -- keep raising our taxes and you will be looking elsewhere for work.

Cheryl Bast

South Elgin

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