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posted: 10/19/2012 5:00 AM

President hides real story on economy

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The ads President Obama has on television are chock-full of lies that are so obvious a child could catch them. First, Obama claims to have brought the economy back from the worst recession since 1929-1942. While the unemployment numbers have indeed declined, the decline is not because more people are working. Job numbers seem to bear this out when you know that to cover population growth the economy must add 150,000 jobs a month.

Why has unemployment gone down then? First, the Department of Labor says you are unemployed if you don't have a job having held a job prior to losing it, are actively looking for another job and are collecting unemployment insurance. If a person meets the first but is not actively looking, he is not counted as unemployed. If a person has used up his unemployment benefits, he is not counted as unemployed. These two ways account for the majority of the drop in unemployment -- people have left the workforce or have used up benefits. Therefore the economy is not improving.

Making matters worse the CPI basket of goods has been changed to remove gasoline and most dairy products. I wonder why that is. It is because with those factored in, the inflation rate is actually 15 percent?

The question really is, are you better off now than four years ago? The answer is obvious, so say to President Obama, you're fired.

Steven Johnson

Hoffman Estates

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