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posted: 10/18/2012 5:00 AM

Walsh is doing what voters want

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I just read that the Daily Herald endorsed Tammy Duckworth. I couldn't believe the line about Walsh's "obstructionism of his methods." You said he doesn't cooperate with the others. Thank God he didn't! He voted against every debt ceiling increase. He introduced a balanced-budget amendment. He introduced legislation that would prohibit members of Congress from receiving a paycheck if they didn't pass a budget every year. He introduced legislation to stop funding the U.N. if they messed with our Second Amendment through their treaty, which this administration was for.

He refused his pension and health care benefits. He also said he would limit his stay to three terms. I thought that's what people want -- all of the above. So the Herald is saying this man did nothing to help this country. What a crock! He did everything to help this country.

The American people wanted everything he did, so why vote against him? Voting for Duckworth will give the Democrats a bigger shovel to dig us in a deeper hole. How can the people of this country be so blind as to not back a man with backbone? Duckworth won't even debate him in front of their constituents. What is she afraid of? Maybe she doesn't have the answers.

Thanks, but no thanks, I will take Joe Walsh any day over someone who can't even face her voters in a debate. Thank you, Joe, for helping to save this country, before we don't even recognize it anymore. Watch for the next great endorsement here. It will probably be for President Obama, who got us so deep in this mess. Oh, sorry, I guess I'm supposed to still blame Bush.

Donald Bekeleski

Elk Grove Village

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