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posted: 10/17/2012 4:40 AM

Democrats have shaky record

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Letters to the editor give a variety of reasons why you should not vote Republican. Both parties are artists at taking words or phrases out of context and telling their half of the story. Bill Clinton is the master at the above.

Now what Clinton did not tell you in his convention speech. The bust came near the end of Clinton's term. His policies played a roll in the meltdown. The Nasdaq dropped 46 percent and has not yet fully recovered. Clinton said the Republicans would change banking regulations. Maybe so, but as president in 1999 he supported a repeal of the Glass-Steagall bank act. This was the start of our banking problems.

Clinton said Republicans were responsible for gridlock in Congress, when it is both parties. Obama had Rahm as his chief of staff known for his way or no way. Clinton and the team tell you how GM was saved. The fact is GM and GMAC owe the biggest piece of the $119 billion tarp money outstanding. GM is on life support.

The trio does not tell you billions more of our tax dollars are wasted on wind, solar and electric cars. A prime example is Solyndra.

If socialism is the right direction for you and your president has done what he promised, then vote for him. If not, be big enough to say we need change. If still in doubt, ask yourself what a Democratic-controlled Congress did for two years.

John Mayerhofer


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