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posted: 10/16/2012 5:00 AM

Walsh shows real leadership

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The Herald is far off base regarding Joe Walsh. A congressman is elected to serve his constituents, not to agree with them all the time. He must not just follow, he must lead. Joe has done an excellent job doing that. Walsh is needed in Congress.

Given the terrible turnout (when compared to elections in other countries) in our elections, Joe Walsh is mining the 8th District and establishing a new and wider base of voters. Your newspaper should applaud that. Walsh brings back constituents to the polls. This will be reflected in 2012 and years to come. The base must continue to be energized. His loss would remove many, many discouraged voters from the field. Obama in the White House, given the 8th District seat and other ones, would have full reign to continue the centralization of power in Washington and bypass the constitutional limits through the extension of executive authority. The republic will be the worse with the rise of a stronger central government and the diminution of the states into weak provinces. France, here we come.

Walsh is not elected to serve the Daily Herald. The paper brings up his past but ignores his legislative record. He has reported back weekly to all parts of his district, something refreshingly new. His opponent is no more than a creature of the Democrat machine. We see not a spark, not an iota of political courage or initiative in her civilian government service. She has not matched the valor she displayed in the military. She will do the bidding of the Democrat machine and its national leader. Walsh's independence stands out. That alone makes him the better representative not of his party but of his district.

Pete Speer

Buffalo Grove

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