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posted: 10/13/2012 4:40 AM

Separate church and state in voting booth

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The separation of church and state has served our country very well in our history. There have been religious wars in all parts of the world. We have not fallen victim to this in our great nation as of yet, but articles trying to say the Democrats are less religious than the Republicans are the first steppingstone. We see something going on that is different from any period in our history before.

I think it started with the "700 Club" and moved on to conservative talk shows. Now Fox news is slanted to the extreme right. There are actually people I have talked to who are so confused by all this brainwashing that they believe a vote for President Obama is for the devil himself and a vote for Mitt Romney is for God.

If a person wants to vote for Romney because he thinks he'll be a good president, that's fine. However, it really is confusing when these people say because of his religious beliefs they as Catholics or Christians feel he is better than Obama.

I am not trying to show anything negative in regard to the Mormon Church. I am only trying to show that using religion to say one party is better than the other is wrong.

This is a very important election, and I hope people realize that viewing it as a religious battleground for social issues is not good for anyone. I do not think God is a Republican, or a Democrat or even an American. I think He is the God of the universe and created all people on the entire planet.

Donn Bofani


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