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posted: 10/11/2012 4:26 AM

Estrich unfairly attacks Romney

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Estrich unfairly attacks Romney

Susan Estrich, in her Sept. 24 column, attacked Mitt Romney on "the video" in which he supposedly said there are 47 percent of the voters whom he "won't worry about." Her inane response to questions on "how his advisers could have been so stupid as to allow him to stand by his comments" is that, "The fish rots from the head." Apparently she knows more about rotting fish than decency.

She rightly determines that "Mitt Romney stood by his comments because he believes them ... because of who he is." But then she opines that, "He's a rich, self-satisfied guy who just doesn't get it -- he stands in a room full of rich people and it never occurs to him that someone out there -- maybe the kid in the kitchen or the woman who served his dinner or the son or daughter of a friend of one of the rich hosts -- isn't a member of the club that Mitt has belonged to all his life."

Estrich effectively shouts from the rooftops that she is totally ignorant of the facts about the statement and about the man. She apparently knows nothing about Romney's personal background -- his father the paint salesman, Mitt's missionary work in France, his wife's bouts with cancer, his raising five sons, and his success developing American corporations through Bain Capital.

And she never questions the statement for which she condemns Romney -- assuming he meant that as president he would ignore the 47 percent of the people who didn't vote for him. She refuses to consider that Romney, as a presidential candidate, wouldn't expend efforts trying to change the votes of those 47 percent who had already made up their minds, but would rather focus on the undecided voters. Estrich and the mainstream-media seem unwilling to consider that perspective.

Marv Schulgen


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