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posted: 10/10/2012 5:00 AM

President's policies taking us backward

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Things I don't understand begin with President Obama receiving the Nobel Prize just a few months after taking office without doing anything substantive to deserve it. Remember "Yes we can"? That has changed to "Why we couldn't" because he was "Leading from behind." The new theme "Forward" is a distraction to keep our attention away from all the bad things that happened with the overregulation policies he has instituted.

It appears that this president is the real "flimflam man." He is a likable smooth talker without substance or a conscience. He spews half-truths, lies and deflects blame to others to keep the attention away from himself. This is evident with the attack on our embassy that caused the murders of our ambassador and three others. He and Hillary Clinton are apologizing for and blaming a film that had nothing to do with those murders since it was on the Internet since July.

This flimflam president argues that we are better off than we were four years ago. How can that be when there are fewer people working now, more people living in poverty and more on food stamps than when he took office? People who have jobs are working harder than ever and are making less than they did before.

How can I be better off if my home lost 40 percent of its value while the property taxes soar? How many lost money on stocks, IRA's and other investments? Low interest rates keep people from making up for those losses. It sure appears that someone is out of touch with reality, and it's not Mitt Romney.

Wayne Oras Sr.


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