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posted: 10/9/2012 4:40 AM

Obama's America is less free

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The missing link to President Obama's vision for change in America is now evident. Democrats want togetherness, want to share, want you and your business to become partners with big government, want us to become a "we're all in this together" society.

But, what they don't tell you is that not only will big government be your partner, it will be your boss. Partnered with government, you will become an employee of your own business, and the government will dictate what you can and what you cannot do. Because, after all, they're bigger than you -- much bigger.

Yes, Republicans want to go back. Back to a time when saving America wasn't swiping a credit card to China for trillions of dollars, but by balancing the books. Back to a leader that embraces all Americans, not to one mentored by those that hate America. Back to a president that is a uniter, not a divider. Back to a time when two plus two equaled four, not spun into some other number. Obama is a great salesman (orator), but he is selling the wrong goods.

The Obamas have stated that it has been hard to bring about change in America. That it will take longer. No, it will take forever. That kind of change will fail, must fail. It will fail because America will not give up its greatest asset. Countries the world over continue to fight and bleed for what we have. And we, too, will fight to keep this thing we have; this thing called freedom.

Lenny Hodera


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