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posted: 10/7/2012 4:40 AM

Obama short on leadership, compromise

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Just think, if President Obama would have kept his promise to get the House and Senate to compromise and to stop the partisan polarized politics. Our goal for America should be a leader who can negotiate to make the changes this country so desperately needs. Obama has sadly been a complete failure, so much so that he now says that compromise can't be reached inside Washington. It must be done from the outside.

President Clinton, the Democrat, got entitlement reform and balanced the budget with a Republican majority in both houses. It's called leadership and compromise.

Obama even appointed the Simpson Bowles commission to address the country's mounting deficits. Their recommendations were widely lauded as the key breakthrough to shrinking the nation's debt. But he turned his back on this own commission and never forced a vote in either chamber of Congress.

President Obama promised to cut the deficit in half in his first term. Instead he added $5 trillion to the deficit, which is now over $16 trillion and growing at $3 billion daily. President Obama has never developed a plan that deals with this country's deficit or, for that matter, even passed a budget. We have huge entitlement problems he's never addressed and his $700 billion stimulus program never worked. Shovel-ready jobs weren't there and unemployment is still over 8 percent. He said in his first year as president he would work on getting immigration reform passed. Yes, that's right, never happened.

President Obama has tons of excuses, but please remember that the first two years of his presidency he had a Democratic majority in the House and Senate, so why all the failed promises? Think about President Obama's failures before you vote. The next president must be a true leader. America's future depends on it. I'm voting for Mitt Romney.

David White


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