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posted: 10/7/2012 5:00 AM

'Going forward' should include God

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I find it both fascinating and alarming that on a whim the DNC can take God "in and out" of the Democratic parties' platform. As it became painfully apparent that votes were at stake, our fine president (Barack Hussein Obama) found it within his sole power to directly intervene and reinstate God. How convenient! Is this another sign of the times to come, for a singular person to find it both timely and necessary to reinstate God into a document that is the guiding principal of "going forward" as the party professes?

"Going forward" for our society can have many meanings, but one that toys with whether or not God is part of that movement most certainly misses a central point. A society that does not have a firm foundation in faith, that does not recognize a higher power guiding us, that gives way to the notion that we will be guided solely by the "wants" of the day and that one person knows more what's best for our future, will most certainly find itself on a ruinous path.

Well, we just witnessed what one person in power can do with a word to reinstate God as they see fit for the moment. Our future is at stake; is this the God you choose "going forward?"

Gerald Bromley


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