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posted: 10/5/2012 8:07 AM

Romney unfit to lead our nation

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So Mitt Romney thinks almost half the citizens in our country are lazy, unthinking bums who don't pay any taxes and only want a handout. Interesting. Everyone I know, without exception, works hard every day for a paycheck, large or small, that has plenty of taxes withheld.

It might interest Mitt to know that not all those who support our current president are dependent victims and twits. I am a college-educated adult who is independent enough in my thinking to have voted for both Republican and Democratic political candidates in the past. I base my choices on character, knowledge and the candidate's plans and policies for our country. What I see in his plan is that he has chosen to ignore/insult almost 50 percent of our nation's citizens because they do not agree with him.

Other parts of his plan are so extreme, especially those aimed at dragging women back to the 18th century, that they are frightening. Mitt's attempt to clarify his "47 percent statements" by claiming that what he said could have been made clearer is simply ridiculous. I think he made his position very clear indeed. Mr. Romney wants to represent only the half of the population that agrees with his extremist values and can fund his campaign.

He seems to have a natural talent for sticking his foot in his mouth and chewing on it; he insulted Great Britain at the Olympics, one of our greatest allies. Sad, very sad. That is not the type of leader this country needs, especially in foreign policy where misspoken words at this time could cause a great deal of damage, maybe even start a war. Mitt Romney is out of touch, arrogant, insulting, and not suitable to lead the most powerful and productive country in the world.

Cynthia Kehoe

Elk Grove Village

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