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posted: 9/30/2012 5:00 AM

Another view of party differences

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Like Bill Hartman (Fence Post, Sept. 25), I also watched the two political conventions. I also feel I can now summarize the choice before us:

The Republicans stand for 1) smaller government so that big business, especially the financial industry, can continue to block essential regulations and reforms and keep in place the very financial free-for-all and abuse that wrecked our economy; 2) maintaining an obscenely unfair and unbalanced tax structure that has had unprecedented negative effects on income equality for the last couple of decades and that is preventing investment in our crumbling infrastructure and in the future of our children; 3) taking away reproductive and civil rights (the Republican version of the nanny state); 4) fiscal policy that hurts the most vulnerable among us, only makes the rich richer and does not work anyway.

The Democrats stand for 1) a government that will stimulate investment, foster business and prevent abuses that hurt us all; 2) a system in which everyone pays his/her fair share of taxes; 3) ensuring that government protects a woman's right to keep the government's hands off her body and the right of anyone to marry whom he/she chooses and 4) fiscal policies that have all of us share the pain as well as the opportunities of a recovering economy.

I know what my call is. Did we watch the same conventions?

Sandy Anderson

Des Plaines

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