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posted: 9/30/2012 5:00 AM

Responsible choice is what's needed

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I have observed the comments of the politicians who are running for office in our districts about the women's issue of choice. The context of the debate is always twisted into a matter of wanting to control the woman and the perception that women are incapable of making their own choices. That is misguided and misleading. When it comes to a choice about aborting a baby, a choice about life and death, a choice often made in a time of duress and personal fear, it is out of compassion for both the woman and her child that people who are pro-life act.

I always find it interesting that people who support abortion will use the excuse that the decision to abort is between a woman and her God. What's misleading about that statement is that every moral decision we make in our life is between us and our God. So if every moral decision we make is between us and our God, why the need for laws that forbid acts such as fraud, stealing, murder? Do we stand idly by when a friend, relative or acquaintance expresses a desire to do themselves personal harm? I would suggest we would move heaven and earth to keep someone from following through on such threats. Our conscience and compassion motivate us to act.

For almost 40 years, legal abortion has been written into the law of the land. During that time, over 53 million babies, almost 20 percent of the current population, have been terminated out of personal fear and duress. Some 3,700 babies die each day with the consent of their mother. It is my sincere desire that we all examine our conscience objectively, put aside the divisive rhetoric, and work to make positive and responsible choice the choice for all.

Peter Gennuso


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