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posted: 9/28/2012 5:00 AM

If Democrats stay in power, then what?

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So Mitt Romney gets "caught" on tape stating some facts and telling the truth about where this upcoming political race stands, and the media and both political parties go nuts. Is this what our political system has come to? It is true that a huge percentage of Americans don't pay income taxes. It is true that a record number of Americans now receive some type of government aid or are part of a union that is paid out of the tax revenue pool. It is true that the current administration has done all it can to grow these numbers as large as possible. And it is true that the vast majority of these people won't vote for Romney.

From a political strategy point of view it is easy to see the Democratic plan and apparently quite shocking that a presidential candidate would speak the truth about it. My question for Democrats is this: If you succeed and win re-election, then what? Let's say Team Obama's plan comes together and they stay in power. We have a record number of people collecting record amounts of aide in many different forms while at the same time the now-stagnant economy continues to bleed private sector jobs. Now throw in human nature (something Democrats always seem to misunderstand) when a percentage of former private sector producers say, "Forget it, I'm tired of fighting to succeed, where's mine?"

Then what, Mr. President, now that you have remained in power and fundamentally changed the country. Where do you see this scenario ending?

Marc Thomsen

Elk Grove Village

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