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posted: 9/27/2012 4:15 AM

Election referendum on socialism

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Election referendum on socialism

This election is really about whether our nation is going to become socialized like a number of European countries with the inherent:

1. Big government.

2. High taxes to pay for the big government.

3. More government controls in our personal lives. Bureaucrats telling us what we can and cannot do and in general a loss of many of our freedoms.

4. Lower standard of living for the majority of people. History has shown that in socialized countries the standard of living is lower than what we have or will return to as the economy improves.

Or are we the voters going to maintain our current form of government with:

1. A small government compared to a socialized nation.

2. Lower taxes

3. Retention the freedoms we have now.

4. Retention of our current standard of living or returning to it as the economy improves. The United States currently has the highest standard of living for the majority of people.

You, the voters, will be deciding the fate of our nation on election day.

Martin Findling

Carol Stream

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