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posted: 9/26/2012 5:00 AM

Check out true facts before voting

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Leave emotion out of the political discourse and while we are at let us leave telling the truth out as well. I have never, in the short 50-some years on this planet, seen such outright lying by some of those seeking the country's highest offices.

I am embarrassed to be spoken to with such in-your-face bold statements, which when checked for accuracy are nothing more than lies. What do these candidates think I am? Do they really believe that I do not have the capacity or the inclination to know when they are telling lies?

The rest of the world watches America's political discourse in amazement and I am sure wonders who we really think we are. Whatever happened to the requirement that when you are stating something as a fact, it had better check out as being factual? I find it truly amazing that someone could stand up in front of so many TV cameras and microphones and have nothing but lies spewing from their animated smiling faces. What other evil acts or deeds would these people be capable of doing, if they are provided the chance?

I will check their facts against the actual facts. I will not do this by solely listening to their partisan TV or radio stations, but by searching other sources such as the BBC, AP, Reuters, etc.

Forget the emotions and the feelings of being right or American. Check the facts, folks, before you show your voter ID (where it may now be mandated in some states; I thought voting was a right, not a privilege) and make the most important decision of this young country's life.

Check the facts and be sure that you are voting for what is the real truth and not some feel-good lie or half truth.

Mike Kelley


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