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posted: 9/24/2012 1:28 PM

Voters should already have a photo ID

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In response to Paul Snead's Sept. 19 letter regarding voter IDs, I find it hard to believe that anyone in this country would argue against voter ID laws requiring a picture ID in order to participate in our most precious right. The only claim I have heard is that such laws hurt the poor and immigrants the most, which is discriminatory. Somehow I don't think so.

Let's review for a moment many of the activities currently requiring a picture ID in our society: going to the hospital emergency room, buying alcohol, buying cigarettes, opening a bank account, enrolling in school, getting a driver's license, getting married, using a credit card, buying a car, buying a home, renting an apartment, getting a job and buying insurance.

So here's the important question: Are there really that many people in this country who have done none of the above since they have been here? Somehow I don't think so. If they have participated in our society in any meaningful way, they would have done some of the above and thus already have a picture ID. Let's protect our most precious right and pass voter ID laws in every state.

Ronald F. Shadis


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