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posted: 9/22/2012 5:00 AM

Let's ban strikes and limit terms

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Regardless if you're Republican or Democrat, we need to come together as citizens and agree we need two things to ensure politicians (public servants) work for us and not lobbyists or any other interest group. First, every state and federal politician must serve only so many years instead of being a "lifer." Term limits would ensure we get people who truly want to serve "We the People" and their country. Currently, the power and the money that come with serving unlimited terms is a deterrent to serving us as well as we should be served. Not all politicians are swayed by lobbyists, but it appears many are.

Second, no government employee should be allowed to strike. Government employees work for us, the taxpayers. If one chooses to work for any governmental unit then they must understand they can't strike against us. If they don't want the above-market pay, benefits and security of a public job, then they should go to the private sector and see how that works out. As one example, it was pathetic to see children and their parents held hostage by the Chicago Teachers Union. Shame on them. It's ridiculous that union dues are used by union leadership to elect certain politicians who in turn vote for the pay and benefits for these union officials and their members. What a conflict of interest!

Until these two changes occur we will not get the representation we deserve from politicians and government employees will hold us, their employers, hostage.

Jeff Gorden

Elk Grove Village

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