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posted: 9/20/2012 4:04 AM

Here's some 'fairness' for you

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Here's some 'fairness' for you

Fairness. That's the word that has been getting kicked about in the Chicago Teachers Union/Chicago Public Schools negotiations. The union wants a "fair contract," the schools are "unfair." Let's see, the union hierarchy is paid by union dues. The union dues are paid by the teachers. The teachers are paid by taxes and we, the taxpayers, foot the bill. How about some "fairness" for us?

Maybe we should go on strike from paying taxes until we get a "fair deal." Here are some things to consider;

1) Government workers, including teachers, get a pension with cost of living increases. Some have multiple pensions (really?). In some cases, the pension payout amount is more than the annual salary earned (must be rough). How many of us have pensions? Probably very few, the majority have 401Ks.

2) Cost of living raises. Huh? What's that? I think its safe to say that for those of us not having cozy government jobs, it is a thing of the past.

3) Merit increases. Those of us in the private sector who still have jobs, when is the last time we got a raise? Depending on who you work for, it may have been years. Many companies have been cutting salaries.

So, it's time for us to strike for fairness. Either we share in the benefits of those whom our taxes support, or they can share our fate; switch to 401ks, hit-or-miss merit salary increases (or decreases) and forget the cost-of-living raises. Let's see how well they function without any tax money coming in. Maybe that will wake them up and knock some sense into them.

After all, it's only fair.

Terry Tallian

Wood Dale

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