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posted: 9/19/2012 4:40 AM

Blind political belief helps no one

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In order to avoid the hypocrisy of complaining about poorly researched Fence Post letters containing serious errors of fact, I have included essential supporting references from generally well respected and authoritative sources.

The Imaginary Obama

Dean Hufsey's letter to the Fence Post Sept. 4 about "Obama: 2016" is a classic. If there is a perfect caricature of blind political belief, it may be Hufsey's. The only missing element in the litany was President Obama's birth in a Kenyan mosque.

We can all feel good, despite Hufsey's assertions, that since President Obama has yet to move to destroy our constitutional republic or disarm Americans in his first term he is not likely to accomplish that task by the end of his second, either. One can only imagine Hufsey's confusion if he learned our nation's entire current deficit was not caused by Obama but the recession acting together with Bush era tax and spending policies or Hufsey's shock if he recognized the huge rise in both corporate profits ( and the S&P 500 ( an-all-time-low-2012-6) over the past 3 years ( -- p-us-l--) or employment gains over the same period ( or any of the 40 economic indicators published weekly by the U.S. Federal Reserve in Dallas showing the sustained gains made by the U.S. economy beginning shortly after Obama took office (

Decisions can and do have continuing consequences, the quality of which are critically dependent on whether they are based on fact or fiction. President Obama has made many good ones and can be expected to continue to do so.

Thanks to the Fence Post for printing a most revealing view. Clint Eastwood isn't the only man who sees an imaginary Obama.

Arthur P. Malm


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